Life with a physical handicap (anglický dabing)

Oblasť: Život s hendikepom

Dĺžka videa: 12:32

No fingers, no palms, and still he is capable of coping with much of what others can! Mato surprises you with his activism and optimism. It is almost unreal what he is capable of without hands. For instance, he can type on a PC using the tip of his elbow as quickly as others or carry a disabled person on a wheelchair down stairs. That is something one can not easily forget.

Mato has a lot say to people – both youth and their elders. The way he looks at the world, his disability, and the obstacles in his life, is a great contribution to each of us. While you´re listening to him you realise that while hands are important, real happiness is comes from something else. Mato allows us to discover what other teenagers with a similar disability think, and what kind of handicap they would swap it for if they could. 

  • - When did you realize your handicap?
  • - What was your childhood like?
  • - What are you afraid of?
  • - Did you reconcile with your handicap?
  • - How is your life today?
  • - Final words...

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