Life of a hearing impaired entrepreneur (anglický dabing)

Oblasť: Život s hendikepom

Dĺžka videa: 13:09

Jozef loves paragliding. It doesn't matter that he is deaf. Hearing impairment was not an obstacle for him. He loved parachutes so much that he started to sew them and do business. Jozef has experienced poverty. When his mother died, he sometimes did not have anything to wear, and in order to buy new shoes, he had to save money first. He appreciates what he has accomplished in his life despite the disability.

“If I gave up, it would be my personal defeat. I can be patient and hold on if necessary,” he says. In our Living Library you will find the story of Jozef, who talks about what doing business is like when one is disabled.

  • - Why parachuting?
  • - Are you brave?
  • - Are you equally brave even when it comes to doing business?
  • - What is important for a hearing impaired entrepreneur?
  • - What is you interpreter like?
  • - Do you have any employees?
  • - Have you ever wanted to give up doing business?
  • - Have you experienced poverty?
  • - Is there any difference between lives of the hearing impaired in the past and today?
  • - What advice would you give to hearing impaired entrepreneurs starting their business?
  • - Final words...

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