How is the life of a young rapper from an orphanage (anglický dabing)

Oblasť: Chudoba, Život s hendikepom, Šikana a extrémizmus

Dĺžka videa: 14:41

Imagine that you got a family. All of you sitting by the one table and your childhood is beautiful. And one day it changes.

Watch the moving story of a boy who ended up on a street and lost his family for somebody's addiction to slot machines (hazard). He found himself in orphanage where accordion became his best friend. Even that one was stolen from him. Music is what he was left with. “I write the lyrics I am putting my whole self into it. Even though many bad things happened to me, I don’t let in a bad energy into my music” he is saying. Young rapper is concerned by people’s opinions about kids from orphanages. And his biggest wish? He would love to have his father by his side. Like when I was small he was me beside me. Everybody who meets me is saying that I am exactly like him. 

  • - What does slot machine mean to you?
  • - How old were you when you got to the orphanage?
  • - How was your life like when you have left the orphanage?
  • - What do you say to others about yourself?
  • - How does your life look like nowadays?
  • - Which day do you consider as "happy"?
  • - What does the music mean to you?
  • - Which of the lyrics you wrote do you value the most?
  • - Final words...

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