How is the life of a roma dancer and actor (anglický dabing)

Oblasť: Chudoba, Ľudia a národnosti

Dĺžka videa: 11:58

Igor lives between two worlds. On one hand, there is a stereotyping and alienating prejudice he suffers from non-Roma people because of his darker skin. While on the other hand, he is also judged by his fellow Roma people due to the fact that he has left his hometown to follow his dreams.

Ever since he was a kid he liked arts, especially dance and acting. However, he has never had any support from his community, except from his mother who has helped him since the beginning and has always believed in him.

  • - How did your mother take the fact that you wanted to study dance and acting?
  • - Do you ever doubt your decision?
  • - Why have you been trying to help your mother from a young age?
  • - How is it to have a relationship with women from a different world?
  • - How is it to face ethnic prejudice?
  • - What do you wish for?
  • - How is your life now?
  • - Final remarks...

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