From life with bulimia (anglický dabing)

Oblasť: Život s chorobou

Dĺžka videa: 13:58

What is bulimia and how does it differ from anorexia? Eva speaks about an illness of the soul and the digestive tract, which she had to recover from. It is often artists, dancers, athletes or models - for whom their looks are a priority - who suffer from this illness. Watch the story of a young woman, who fought with feelings of inferiority and rejection, which resulted in an illness, that is often invisible and can significantly complicate life. Eva was fortunate to have a good friend and the support from her family. This has helped her to recover and to begin anew.  

  • - What feelings precede the onset of bulimia
  • - What was the first time you decided to vomit the food you ate?
  • - How did your family respond to the changes?
  • - What feelings and symptoms did you have when you were suffering from bulimia?
  • - In your case, what was the breakpoint?
  • - What were your first steps towards recovery?
  • - How did your parents accept your confession?
  • - What is the process of treatment like?
  • - Final words

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