About the future of the world through the eyes of a profesor with indigenous ancestry (po anglicky)

Oblasť: Ľudia a národnosti, Vzdelávanie

Dĺžka videa: 20:41

The question: Who I am is a difficult question. Vanessa does not believe we really now who we are. We have different stories. The stories change as they are going in our lifes. This world is changing a lot at the moment. It is a time of great curiosity about mistakes that have been made by different generarions and that not should be repeated in the future. Vanessa is talking in her story about the world and how we can connect all together and learn our lesson to live in harmony and connection. 

  • - How would you explain to a child what is happening with the world today?
  • - What are the principles of functioning of this house?
  • - How was your house metaphor influenced by your grandmother?
  • - What is in your opinion the basic conflict of the world we live in?
  • - How does the „story of superiority“ work in real life?
  • - Final words...
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