The story of an anthropologist who spent 30 years living with the amazonian nation of Piraha (po anglicky)

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Daniel was born in southern California close to the mexican border. Once he met a missionary family and they told him they are working in Amazon. It sounded interested to him. Daniel was not a Christian but he decided to go to the Amazon forest because of that. He decided to leave to the jungle with his whole family. In his story he is talking about the life in the jungle and about how it is possible to survive and live together with the Indians. He is explaining his fears, expectations and how the amazonian nation of Piraha has changed his life. 

  • - What were your ideas about life in the rainforest?
  • - How difficult was the missionary training for you and your family?
  • - What were your feelings and expectations before leaving for the Amazon?
  • - Were you successful in converting the Piraha to christianity?
  • - How were you accepted by the Piraha?
  • - What was the most hurtful in the actions of the Piraha?
  • - How do the Piraha relate to money?
  • - What is the association between knowing the language and understanding the Piraha culture?
  • - How do the Piraha say „those who have straight heads“?
  • - How did you cope with your failure as missionary?
  • - Did your failure lead to success?
  • - What is your opinion on missionary work in Amazon region today?
  • - Can we in any way help the Piraha with their challenges?
  • - What can we learn from the Piraha?
  • - What was it like to live with your family among the Piraha?
  • - How did life among the Piraha influence your children?
  • - How did the story of your family mission among the Piraha end?
  • - Final words...
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