On justice with philosopher and doctor from the African nation of Shona (po anglicky)

Oblasť: Ľudia a národnosti, Vzdelávanie, Chudoba

Dĺžka videa: 17:52

The question Who am I is a really hard question. Bryan says at first he is a doctor and as a second a philosopher. As a medical student Bryan has experienced the pain of the others. What hurted him the most was the pain and suffering of the small children in the hospital. He wanted to understand why a one years old kid needs to suffer in life. And that brought him to the philosophy. In this story he is questioning the topic of humanity and justice. 

  • - How does an ordinary boy from Zimbabwe become a doctor?
  • - What pains you the most as a doctor?
  • - What do you feel, when you as a doctor are not able to help the sick person?
  • - What does justice mean to you?
  • - Is it possible to attain justice in our world?
  • - Is helping others part of human nature?
  • - How did you search for your identity?
  • - Who do you feel to be today?
  • - Final words...
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